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Leadership, Kelis Houston

Kelis Houston is the Founder of Village Arms, and her work focuses on family preservation and reunification through parenting education, in-home visits, resource acquisition and advocacy with a cultural base.


Village Arms was created in direct response to the over-representation and disparate treatment of African Americans across the child welfare service continuum.


Kelis’ personal mission is to address and help eradicate these disparities through legislative action, youth and family advocacy, policy reform and community engagement.


She also serves as cultural consultant to child welfare staff, students and service providers. Her training is designed to bring a new level of cultural awareness to those working for and within the African American community; in an effort to achieve clearer lines of communication and a sensitivity to culture.


Kelis began her career in social services over a decade ago and has long served as a voice for marginalized communities.

To support the work of Village Arms, you may donate here.

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